Commercial Beer Systems

Commercial Beer Systems – Installation & Maintenance


Our Services

Beer System Installations.

We supply parts and install any size beer systems from 100 plus taps to a single tap point, no job is too big or small for us

(Free fixed quote installation pricing)

Beer System Maintenance, Repairs & Emergency Breakdowns.

We service the entire Metropolitan and Country areas 24 hours 7 days a week. We offer a prompt emergency call out service, pre booked standard service calls and proactive maintenance.

(Standard normal and after hourly rates apply, call outs also vary with normal hours and after hours, metro or country.)

Chiller Servicing.

We service all types of Cool Room, Under Bar and Ice Bank chillers in the metropolitan and country areas. Our services include cleaning and flushing out beer leaking into your chiller and beer system recirculation, checking all chiller operational parts are working correctly and refill with Glycol or just a simple Glycol top up service.

(Fixed charges apply depending on type of chiller and service required)

Beer System Proactive Service.

Beer system appraisal’s and efficiency reports, wastage reports, gas leak testing, beer system and beer line cleanliness reports. O ring and seals inspection and replacements, keg coupler and tap maintenance

(Standard charges apply)

Management and Staff Training.

We will train your management and staff on all aspects of basic beer system operation and maintenance fundamentals.

(Standard charges apply)

Chemical Sales.

Glycol: (Required with chiller service) = $13 per/litre

Delivered to outlet or transport company for country orders = $15 per/litre (Minimum)

Beer Line Cleaner: (With beer line cleaning service) = $80 per/10 litres

Delivered to outlet or transport company for country orders = $140 per/20 litres (Minimum)

We can also supply other trade related chemicals upon request

Prices do not include freight


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